"Active Threat" Go Bag (Kit), Generation 3
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Our Generation 3 Active Shooter Kit is the premier kit on the market. This kit includes:

  • One 14x10x6 high quality rugged bag with shoulder strap (pictured).  Bag is large enough to hold all your equipment, plus an extra handgun, mags, 4 AR 15 mags, breaching rounds, and much more.
  • 15 ft of 550 cord (multiple uses to include tying off doors)
  • 10 Ft of 1 inch tubular webbing (used for victim extraction or self rescue)
  • 4 high quality, sturdy, rubber door chocks
  • 1 roll of blue flagging tape (used for marking locations or triage)
  • 1 wide tip all surface marker
  • 2 Carabineers (used for self rescue, anchoring and/or victim extraction
  • 1 Spring loaded window punch
  • 2 sets of flex cuffs
  • 1 Trauma Kit including everything you need to rapidly treat yourself or your partner. Kit includes:  NOTE:  Kit is vacuumed to sealed to increase shelf live.  
    • 1 Pack of Quickclot Combat Gauze
    • 1 Israeli Emergency Bandage 4in
    • 2 Petroleum Bandages 4x4
    • 1 SOF Tactical Tourniquet
    • 1 Z-Pak Dressing

This is the most comprehensive Active Shooter/ Critical Incident Go Bag on the market today.  This kit is perfect for your patrol car, a stationary post or your office.  With this bag you will have all your equipment at your finger tips.  Feel confident in the fact that within seconds you can grab it and respond knowing you have all the equipment necessary to assist you in successfully bringing a rapid end to the situation. All of our equipment is professionally selected for it quality and tested.   

If you are a 1st responder, retired 1st responder, active duty military or retired military please contact us via email for a discount code on your order prior to placing your order.   

See what Frank Borelli, Editor and Chief/Equipment Reviewer, for Officer.com says about our kits:  http://www.officer.com/web/online/On-the-Street/Warrior-Training-Groups-ASIR-Bag/21$53341


Our active shooter kits are made to order so please contact
us for availability.


 We also offer a replacement warranty for our Active Shooter Kits.  If you use your kit during an active shooter kit, WTG Tactical will replace, free of charge, any kit contents that may have been used or destroyed during the usage of the kit.  Proper documentation in the form of a police/EMS report must be forwarded to WTG before any warranty claim can be processed.


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"Active Threat" Go Bag (Kit), Generation 3

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